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NIC – Avon Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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NIC is the acronym for “No Instant Credit”.  You may get placed on NIC when you have too many returns in a specified amount of time.  NIC just means that when you process your return through EZ returns, you will not get the credit for the returned items until Avon receives the items.  And this means you must pay your bill in full INCLUDING those return items until Avon credits your account.  Only *unused* products count against Avon Representatives on the returns. Replacements and used products do not count against us and the basis of NIC is 15% of your sales in a 13 campaign period.  NIC has nothing to do with your credit rating or payment history.  It simply refers to a level of returned items that are higher than the national average and if your account is in jeopardy of being placed on this status you will receive notice from Avon prior to it taking affect.  You also have the right to appeal your NIC status as well as have your account reviewed to restore your Instant Credit privileges after a period of time.  Avon will give you full details regarding this if it ever happens to your account.  Here is what Avon specifies about the privilege of instant Credit – Instant Credit: Instant Credit is a term used to describe the privilege of being able to ask for credit for merchandise and deducting the amount due from your current account balance before ever having to return the product.  All Representatives upon appointment to Avon are granted the ability to receive credit instantly, before returning the products to Avon.  This is a privilege that we offer to you, as a helpful tool in doing business.  This also supports the Avon Guarantee. Because there are no requirements to “stock” merchandise, you only need to purchase what you sell, or use yourself.  With the high quality standards our products are produced by, the returns rate in our business is very low.  A high return rate may cause your Instant Credit status to be removed.  This will require you to return all products before receiving credit on your account.  Be sure to protect this valuable privilege.


One Response to “NIC – Avon”

  1. nanit Says:

    Well after 3 years, I was put on NIC and there was NO NOTIFICATION. In fact, only after I complained to my top manager that I was not getting any confirmation of my returns that she bothered to check for the NIC.

    I have been purchasing Avon for over 40 years and was talked into joining for the discount because I purchase quite a lot. I always felt confident about “trying” because I knew that I could return anything I disliked. Being a representative gave me all kinds of opportunity to try things but now I no longer feel free to do so. I don’t even feel I could go back to being a buyer. True, once I found something I liked, I could be counted on for a sure sale–and no one can buy just one item. But what if I don’t like something, will returning cause my rep to be penalized?

    This is a bad policy–and those EZ returns aren’t EZ for those of us not living in the 48 states. Some returns take months as the carrier waits for a full container. So many things are out of our hands…customers don’t like the product, some items don’t work at all etc.

    Instant Credit isn’t a privilege…it’s something that goes hand in hand with the assurance that Avon backs their products.

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