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Cream Eye Shadows – Making Them Work! Friday, November 23, 2007

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Applying an eyeshadow base is crucial if you want staying power and vibrancy in your colors.  Creasing is can be prevented by using a base – an eyeshadow primer can be helpful, but any foundation or concealer can help (although a concealer stick can actually make matters a little worse – Avon Personal Match Concealer Stick works well for this though).  After applying foundation (or concealer) and allowing it a moment to dry you can then use an eyeshadow brush to apply a thin coat of powder or mineral make-up if you prefer (which I believe works best). Make certain base products are thinly (sparingly) applied.  Then you can proceed with creme eyeshadow application… but remember you should do both foundation *and* powder both sparingly and then the creme.  (This also works for powder eye shadow as well.)  I really love Anew Eye-Lifting Serum Eye-shadows more than any of the others we carry… regardless of age.  You *could* use the Mark Creamy Shadow as a base… but still… this should be applied lightly and followed with a light coat of powder.  Creme eye-shadows are especially tricky if you have oily skin.  Some professionals use Vaseline as a base if you really want a dewy look with your creme shadows but I do not recommend this in general… it is a trick best left to the pros because it is prone to need touching-up if not done with the right touch… if done incorrectly you will have eye-shadows slipping and sliding around even more.  Anyway… even if you have oily skin creme eyeshadow can be done right with a good base.  My personal favorite set-up for cremes is like I said… this is how I applied my own make-up today and I haven’t needed to touch-up at all:  Coat of foundation (I used Anew Age Transforming)… coat of powder… (I used Personal Match Mineral Make-Up in Transparent Glow)… eye-shadows… (I used Anew Eye-Lifting Serum Eye Shadow) and then I used Mark – On The Edge Liquid Eye Liner… followed by Avon Uplifting Mascara.  Again… I haven’t touched up all day.  Mark Cream Shadows can work too using this same method… I just love the Anew cream shadows best – regardless of your age.


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