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Demo Limits Friday, November 23, 2007

Filed under: Avon Tips — Phyllis Ida Concordia @ 3:14 am

Demo limits are limits allowed per campaign… not per order per campaign…. for example.  There are some demos where are Representative can order more than one of an item in regards to colors… such as several color choices in a nail polish or lipstick (for example) demo so you can decide to add another color that you did not previously order. So if you ordered “Warm Black” nail polish as a demo and decided in an add-on order or via backordering a campaign you wanted to order “Midnight Plum” as well from the same color collection you could add that to your order.  You cannot order “warm black” nail polish as a demo and then do an add-on order or back-order to that campaign and order another demo of “warm black” nail polish.  Special demo limits carry an “*” in the What’s New for clarification. Likewise with President’s Club or higher… if you order two demos and then decide you want three more as a back-order or add-on you can do that but you cannot order your limit of a demo of any specific item and then do an add-on or a back-order for more to total any more than your limit.


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