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Make Yourself Blush… Monday, November 26, 2007

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Many professional make-up artists believe the perfect shade of blush should match the color of your cheeks when your skin is flushed or when you are working out.  In other words, pick a rosy or peachy shade.  Other professional make-up artists claim that the perfect blush color is the one that matches the pink/red that shows on your fingertips (palms up).  For this, simply compare the color of your fingertips to the different shades at make up counters and pick the one that matches the most – or have your Avon Representative assist you in choosing the shade best for you.  Be sure to visit my Avon shopping site at and click on SHOP NOW.  There you will find a variety of blush formulas from AVON and mark. – powder, mineral, gel mousse, creme, and sticks – all available in a beautiful selection of colors!  Questions about our formulas?  Contact me.  (I am consistently working on geting more product reveiws and tips each and every day up on Beauty Wagon – so keep watching!)

Color Recommendations
Pale Skin: Light pinks and corals are the way to go. Steer clear of anything dark or bright to avoid looking garish.

Yellow-toned: Warm pinks, plums and roses will flatter a yellow complexion. Stay away from brown shades that can bring your skin’s natural vibrancy down.

Dark Skin: Warm, tropical tones look hot on dark skin – think warm, terra cotta shades, deep plums, and brown pinks or peaches. Avoid light colors at all cost because they will look ashy or may not show up on your skin.

Rule of Thumb: The darker your skintone, the darker your blush color should be.


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