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Avon Reps – What’s New Plastic Bags! Friday, November 30, 2007

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Someone asked to see what a What’s New bag looks like.  Well here is a What’s New bag in action!  I have tucked an Avon brochure into the bag for demonstration purposes.  At this time the AVON lettering on the bag is a burgundy color (they change logo color and/or logo periodically – mainly just logo color in recent years).  Over they years they have also been made a bit larger – so they are the right fit to accomodate the mark magalogs.  As a reminder, these bags and brochures should never be places in or on mailboxes, as it is against postal codes – against the law.  You could be subject to a hefty fine!  Also, it just looks great on a door… nice and inviting.  Avon Representatives also use these for tossing… you can place the brochures inside and roll them up – wrap them with a rubber band and toss like a newspaper.  (Make sure you also are within you local codes before tossing these as well.  To order these use item #535077 – currently they are 60 cents for a package of 50.  They are a sales tool and count toward your award sales.  If you want to remind your customers to recycle and reuse these bags… they can be used for dirty diapers in diaper bags, automobile trash bags, and I especially like to remind my neighbors that they are especially great for picking up pet waste.  What’s New Bags are an important part of my Avon business.  If you do a newsletter to your customers let them know of some creative way to reuse the What’s New bags for to promote an eco-friendly environment. 


2 Responses to “Avon Reps – What’s New Plastic Bags!”

  1. Young1 Says:

    These bags are wicked – can i buy them directly from Avon or do i have to purchase them from you? Also are u in the US as i am in the UK!
    I have a couple problems with my Avon at the moment as well so could really use some advice!


  2. tex09 Says:

    How can I order These..

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