Beauty Wagon

presented by Phyllis Concordia – Avon Independent Sales Representative, Make-Up Artist and Licensed Cosmetologist

Avon Reps – Product Bundles Friday, November 30, 2007


Avon makes product bundles available to Representatives at deep discounts for a specified variety of products.  Right now we have available – the Winter Survival Bundle.  Regardless of how long you have been selling Avon there is bound to be something you have not tried and bundles are a great way to give these products a try.  The pros of purchasing product bundles?  You get a variety of products at a low cost.  The Winter Survival Bundle, for example, is 7 full-size products for just $12.00 – that’s around $1.71 per product.  It’s mindless shopping that will surely pay off in some way!  You can use some products for yourself… sell the rest, you can bundle the products into a gift basket for a ready-to-give gift.  You can raffle the items as a gift basket.  You could use then individually as thank-you gifts for larger orders – or for Holiday or *any* time customer appreciation.  I also hear Avon Reps asking all the time,”I am having an Open House/Beauty Bash, etc… What items should I have cash and carry?”  These are the perfect types of items – impressive and full-size – that make for stocking up on cash and carry items for your sales events.  There is one “con” to buying these bundles.  You will not get full award sales on these items.  This may are may not be important to you.  If you are shooting for President’s Club or above and are struggling to make your goal bundles may not be something you want to take advantage of.  So, again… Product Bundles can be an excellent deal for trying out products yourself, or for selling to your customers!  Some Representatives want to know why Avon doesn’t offer a sales kit as many direct sales companies do.  Avon doesn’t offer a sales kit  because they want to make it easy and affordable to have your own business – no expensive kits to purchase, no required stock, no quota requirements.  It’s great!  But, if you feel the need to have a sales kit – create one yourself – by taking advantage of product bundles!  Add a bundle when you can!  Avon Representatives and Leadership Representatives pass this on – if you are reading this and are not an Avon Representative please feel free to contact me via my website if you would like more information about becoming an Avon Representative.


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