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presented by Phyllis Concordia – Avon Independent Sales Representative, Make-Up Artist and Licensed Cosmetologist

AVON Fragrance – Be Tempting Friday, December 7, 2007

 AVON - Be Tempting and Lamp

It’s best described as sensual… sexy.  Some have called it irresistibly beguiling.  It is a romantic scent which I would fit into the floriental genre (floral and oriental) its sweetness wrapped in warm up brownish-yellow and sultry woods.  It is an eau de toilette… so it is light and may not last quite as long – but if you use this wisely – in the warmest spots on your body the scent will flourish.  You can layer this with the lotion or body spray (nice for after shower or even for touch-ups)  I really like this scent.  I love wearing it in the evening – after getting into my home-for-the-evening attire and after my skin care routine… this is one of the fragrances I like to wear to bed.  I do love this when I am out and about as well – but for me this is a very casual fragrance.  Who would love this fragrance?  Well… it is certainly suitable for anyone who likes light, sweet fragrance.  This would fit into any fragrance wardrobe – it covers a wide appeal… but I am thinking this is a pefect glam fragrance for a teen… or a casual fragrance for any woman who loves something sweet and just slightly sexy but not overdone.  On a side note… not a great pic, took it real quick with my camera phone… but the accent lamp in the background is available through Avon!!  It’s a sweet lamp!


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