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My ELF Certification Saturday, December 15, 2007

Filed under: Reference — Phyllis Ida Concordia @ 4:11 pm

Well… not a Christmas ELF – but my Entry Level Fragrance Course Completion Certification… I passed the test and here is my certificate.  I have had the wonderful opportunity to share ideas and information with a wonderfully, inspirational woman named Nancy Booth.  Having met her means a lot to me, because she is just such a kind, successful, intelligent – just a great person with a lot of talent and drive!  She has published books – one of her most popular is called Perfumes, Splashes and Colognes – yes, by Nancy M. Booth.  I was looking to contact this author because I had a few questions for her and here I had found she practically lives in my backyard… or I practically live in her backyard – whichever.  She’s just great and I suggest you check out her books if you have interest is crafting – especially in the levels of fragrance.  She has amazing knowledge of the fragrance industry… her family has been in it for over 116 years now – amazing.  Her website is  Anyway… back to my ELF certification… I am planning to continue my education in fragrance.  It is a major interest of mine.  Here is my certificate from the Fragrance Foundation… proudly displaying:






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