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AVON – Gift Certificate Example Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This is one gift certificate I have created… I have others I will upload another time, so keep watching for more ideas!


You can do these yourself of course, but if you should need assistance I will be happy to create personalized materials for you – payment via PayPal – personalized gift certificates would be at a cost of 50 cents to you, in PDF format.  Contact me for more details at


3 Responses to “AVON – Gift Certificate Example”

  1. chaitralikg Says:

    Hi Phyllis

    Please let me know how does this work. If I am rep and want to issue a gift certificate to one of my customer who in turn wants to give it to her sister.

    Can you please let me know how I can use above mentioned template to do the same.


  2. frrreak Says:

    How did you make this? It’s awesome!

  3. sharon89447 Says:

    I am a Avon Rep. and would really be interested in some of your gift certificates. I hope that you are still answering your mail. And reading your blog.

    Thank You,

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