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presented by Phyllis Concordia – Avon Independent Sales Representative, Make-Up Artist and Licensed Cosmetologist

Fragrance Etiquette – Wearing and Selling Fragrance Wednesday, December 19, 2007

With more and more people becoming sensitive to fragrance these days, there tends to be a new trend in fragrance etiquette.

In wearing fragrance apply it sparingly so people aren’t smelling you long after you’ve left the room… one way to help give yourself long-lasting fragrance without filling an entire room is to layer your fragrance with bath products of he same or complimentary scent.  For example if your favorite perfume has notes of orchid and you don’t have the matching bath product, use an orchid body wash or lotion to layer the fragrance and then apply your fragrance! 

To keep from overloading on perfume, try changing your scent every once in a while since our noses can become desensitized over time and we end up applying more and more just to be able to detect it on ourselves.

Also, extend the life of those expensive perfumes by keeping bottles out of the bathroom (the heat and humidity can cause the scent to turn).  Some say to store frangrances in the refrigerator… I personally do not recommend this – especially with more expensive fragrances because cold can cause chemical reactions that could cause a fragrance composition to turn as well.  Body sprays or mists could be an exception… these can usually be store in a refrigerator for a nice way to freshen up in those warmer months.

Some people, are sensitive to scents – not allergic but hypersensitive to the scent itself.  Try to remember that less is more.  When someone is close to you they will notice a nice fragrance.  No need to go overboard – going overboard with fragrance is not only a waste of money – but as it happens it is becoming poor etiquette.  So remember… layer your fragrance, don’t over-mist yourself!


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