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More Ways To Find New Avon Customers! Sunday, December 23, 2007

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More Ways To Find New AVON Customers 

  1. Take advantage of the advertising of others… call about their ads and offer them your service.
  2. Post flyers in apartments – ask at the rental office first.
  3. Leave AVON brochures at Auto Repair shops and Tire Service centers.
  4. Wear a name badge or a button that says you sell AVON!
  5. Approach those who are Fundraising with your Fundraiser information, they can consider you for their next Fundraiser!  Follow-up with their Organization.
  6. Let your Bank Teller know what your deposit is for and leave them with an Avon brochure.
  7. Barter your services with another Direct Sales Independent Sales Person and refer each other when you can.
  8. Hang flyers on the hooks inside the doors of bathroom stalls, using What’s New bags.
  9. Bring your brochures to your hair salon.
  10. Use car magnets or window lettering to advertise your business!
  11. Let everyone you work with know you sell AVON!
  12. Give yourself a goal to distribute a certain number of business cards and/or brochures each day.
  13. With each transaction you make during the course of the day – give a business card and ask for one in return, where applicable.
  14. Use your card as a bookmark in Library Books… and return them with your card.
  15. Place your brochures in all waiting rooms.
  16. Always keep flyers with you to distribute or hang on bulletin boards.
  17. Cross-promote your business with other businesses.
  18. Always wear the Avon logo to your health and fitness club.
  19. Join a civic or networking group.
  20. Advertise in college newspapers and bulletin boards.

3 Responses to “More Ways To Find New Avon Customers!”

  1. scuhs Says:

    What takes so much time is the sorting & packing once the items are delivered, the receipts that go with each order and the delivering. Any good tips on sorting or packing?

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  3. Please, tell me how can i promote the Avon Products without breaking the laws /rules of promotions

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