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Avon – Letter of Introduction for Distributing your Brochures Tuesday, January 15, 2008


A few have written to me about ideas for letters of introduction or a canvassing letter – something to include with your brochure that tells the potential customer a little about your services.  In my introduction letter I choose to focus on my eRep site, but depending on your area you may opt to focus on a different service – such a free beauty consultation, free samples, or a make-over.  You can download this letter below – I hope it is helpful!

AVON – Letter Of Introduction


6 Responses to “Avon – Letter of Introduction for Distributing your Brochures”

  1. sabzm Says:

    Thank you for posting this letter. As a new rep, this would be very helpful! I’m on my 3rd campaign, and in my previous 2, I gave the cats to friends, family & my doc’s office. :) Hopefully this would get me more leads in my neighborhood. Your blog is awesome, and I look forward to getting more ideas and inspiration from it. Thanks again!

  2. thebananafairy Says:

    Where have you gone?

    I discovered your site today, thank you for all the wonderful information you’ve shared! I hope you come back to blogging and continue to share more tips and tricks for Avon Reps!

    Thanks and Best Wishes!

  3. msbruno Says:

    As an Avon representative, you choose to be victorious, you hug you own luxurious time, and even work close to your family. You may run your own business with Avon. Soar as high as you like and there’s no limit to your success.

    Read more

  4. Kris Brant Says:

    Thank you for your help! i have just recently become an Avon Rep and this has helped me alo!

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