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Fragrance Etiquette – Wearing and Selling Fragrance Wednesday, December 19, 2007

With more and more people becoming sensitive to fragrance these days, there tends to be a new trend in fragrance etiquette.

In wearing fragrance apply it sparingly so people aren’t smelling you long after you’ve left the room… one way to help give yourself long-lasting fragrance without filling an entire room is to layer your fragrance with bath products of he same or complimentary scent.  For example if your favorite perfume has notes of orchid and you don’t have the matching bath product, use an orchid body wash or lotion to layer the fragrance and then apply your fragrance! 

To keep from overloading on perfume, try changing your scent every once in a while since our noses can become desensitized over time and we end up applying more and more just to be able to detect it on ourselves.

Also, extend the life of those expensive perfumes by keeping bottles out of the bathroom (the heat and humidity can cause the scent to turn).  Some say to store frangrances in the refrigerator… I personally do not recommend this – especially with more expensive fragrances because cold can cause chemical reactions that could cause a fragrance composition to turn as well.  Body sprays or mists could be an exception… these can usually be store in a refrigerator for a nice way to freshen up in those warmer months.

Some people, are sensitive to scents – not allergic but hypersensitive to the scent itself.  Try to remember that less is more.  When someone is close to you they will notice a nice fragrance.  No need to go overboard – going overboard with fragrance is not only a waste of money – but as it happens it is becoming poor etiquette.  So remember… layer your fragrance, don’t over-mist yourself!


Fragrance – Play With Your Scent and Make It Your Own Tuesday, December 11, 2007





Avon has a collection of Body Spray and Bath items called Floral Prints.  These are very versatile and they can be used in conjunction with your other fragrances to add a little boost of a certain note… or a little complexity.  This was a beauty tip I learned accidentally… and it emerged as an almost everyday thing!  One day I was wearing the Avon fragrance, Today… part of the Today, Tomorrow, and Always trilolgy.  I usually get compliments when I wear this fragrance… but on this particular day I had already packed my demo bottle of Today and I needed a boost.  I reluctantly (or perhaps lazily) grabbed my bottle of Floral Prints Honeysuckle Body Spray… and that put the fragrance over the edge!  The two fragrances blended so harmoniously it was sheer poetry!  I had more compliments than ever that day… one very upper-class-looking woman asked me what I was wearing… wrote it down and proceeded to tell me that she just couldn’t believe how it just *fit* me.  I told her it was Avon, and that I sell Avon products… and she purchased both the Today and Floral Prints Honeysuckle and more.  I am writing about my accidental fragrance tip because I believe this will add a new dimension to your Avon selling… your expertise as an Avon Representative.  Just learn the notes of some of our fragrances and pair them up with some of our Floral Prints.  As I learn more awesome pairings I will share here on… if I get really good at it I will make a chart!  I love fragrance… and if you enjoy playing and experiementing as much as I do, you will LOVE playing with Floral Prints and our Avon Fragrance line too!  So, make Avon Fragrances your own… be your own fragrance designer, you will see (or smell) some amazing results!!  Fragrance is fun!


AVON Fragrance – Be Tempting Friday, December 7, 2007

 AVON - Be Tempting and Lamp

It’s best described as sensual… sexy.  Some have called it irresistibly beguiling.  It is a romantic scent which I would fit into the floriental genre (floral and oriental) its sweetness wrapped in warm up brownish-yellow and sultry woods.  It is an eau de toilette… so it is light and may not last quite as long – but if you use this wisely – in the warmest spots on your body the scent will flourish.  You can layer this with the lotion or body spray (nice for after shower or even for touch-ups)  I really like this scent.  I love wearing it in the evening – after getting into my home-for-the-evening attire and after my skin care routine… this is one of the fragrances I like to wear to bed.  I do love this when I am out and about as well – but for me this is a very casual fragrance.  Who would love this fragrance?  Well… it is certainly suitable for anyone who likes light, sweet fragrance.  This would fit into any fragrance wardrobe – it covers a wide appeal… but I am thinking this is a pefect glam fragrance for a teen… or a casual fragrance for any woman who loves something sweet and just slightly sexy but not overdone.  On a side note… not a great pic, took it real quick with my camera phone… but the accent lamp in the background is available through Avon!!  It’s a sweet lamp!


Avon Fragrance – Somewhere Tuesday, December 4, 2007

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Somewhere was fom the early 1960’s. Once in a great while it gets re-issued… but this fragrance is discontinued.  In my fragrance notes I have that it is a clean (soapy) floral. It isn’t an exact match but in it’s place I would consider Rare Pearls, Today, or possibly Always. For something lighter you could recommend Mark Self-Sanctuary Honey-Jasmine or White Tea-Vanilla. I feel the Honey-Jasmine is a great match, but it isn’t a perfume… just a body spray.  Photo courtesy of


Avon Fragrance – Occur! Thursday, November 29, 2007

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Occur! Avon Fragrance – introduced around 1962 was sold through late 1990s in a variety of decanters over the years – DISCONTINUED

Top Notes: Aldehydes, Bergamot, Cardamom, Coriander 
Middle Notes: Muguet, Francinsense, Vetiver, Myrrh, Jasmin, Patchouli, Carnation
Base Notes: Amber, Leather, Honey, Moss, Musk, Castoreum, Vanilla, Civet

If a customer would like to find a new fragrance to replace this it helps to know this was a heavier earthy, spicy with some light essences of carnation, vanilla, and bergamot.  It was not very floral – just earthy and spicy… I would recommend Surreal Garden (because it is earthy and green with patchouli), Night Magic Musk (because it is musk), Imari Seduction is a stretch… but may be a good match if the customer would like something a little softer thse days… it shares some of the same elements… but lacks the spice she probably loves.  This also had leathery notes, something that is normally used in men’s fragrance; Occur! was certainly a feminine fragrance regardless.  (Chanel No.19 is an example of a popular women’s fragrance with leathery notes, as well.)  If she would like to try something spicy with a bit of floral I would certainly recommend Christian Lacroix Rouge… but although the top notes are spicy this seems to become very floral, but it is worth trying.  But again, these are where I would begin – in this order: Surreal Garden, Night Magic Musk, Imari Seduction, then Christian Lacroix Rouge.


Roses, Roses – Avon Fragrance Wednesday, November 21, 2007

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Discontinued, no longer available.


Elegance – Avon Fragrance

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This fragrance was available from Avon starting 1956.  It’s notes included: Rose, Ylang-ylang, Violet, Oakmoss, Vetiver, and Cinnamon.  It is best described as a light, rose-based, sweet fragrance.  It was available in fragrance spray, creme, and talc.  It is discontinued, no longer available.  This picture courtesy of  They deal with vintage Avon.