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Avon – Letter of Introduction for Distributing your Brochures Tuesday, January 15, 2008


A few have written to me about ideas for letters of introduction or a canvassing letter – something to include with your brochure that tells the potential customer a little about your services.  In my introduction letter I choose to focus on my eRep site, but depending on your area you may opt to focus on a different service – such a free beauty consultation, free samples, or a make-over.  You can download this letter below – I hope it is helpful!

AVON – Letter Of Introduction


Self-Promotion – And It’s FREE! Monday, January 7, 2008

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Don’t forget that you that we have to talk about our business every where, every day and basically all the time!

Do you self-promote?

Many Leaders say that often someone will call and say I have no sales!  Of course you ask them, “Well what have you been doing?” And the answer 9 times out of 10 is “Well, I talked to my mom and her friends and I have gotten nothing.”

“What else have you done to promote yourself?”

“Well, I pass out books but nothing happens!”

Here is a problem… I pass out books and nothing happens.

Ok, do you get the persons phone number and call them and ASK them for an order? Do you call them and just leave a reminder, “Hey my order is going in this weekend in case you need something!” Do you order extra books and pass them out like water? Do you make flyers and mail them out to everyone you know? Do you TREAT your business like a business?

Honestly, most of the time the answer is no. The most self defeating thing in our business is our self!!

I will say it again.

The most self defeating thing in our business is our self!

Why?  Because we are afraid to promote OURSELVES!

I have seen ladies hang their head and mumble while trying to push a book into someone’s hands. Would I order from someone like that?

Probably NOT!

I have seen Avon Reps cringe at the thought of talking to a stranger.

Be proud of your business! If you truly love your business, why are you ashamed to talk about it and shout it to anyone who will listen???

Stand up and say “I sell AVON and I LOVE my job!” Wear pins, carry books and business cards with you everywhere! Put stickers on your car; signs on your lawn; notices or biz cards in your mail; talk to the other moms; network locally; tell the world! You do not have a neon sign above your head that says you sell AVON, no you don’t have to be pushy or tacky about it.  But if you don’t promote it, who will?

Take a hard look at your business and how you act with it and see what you can do to improve yourself and your attitude about it.

Everyday, work on improving your business visibility in your community and with other people, your potential customers. And remember, customer service and consistency is key!  Then, watch your sales rise!


Reach Out For More Leads – A Day Of Pampering – Honoring Women! Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Reach Out For More Leads!

This is a helpful file containing instructions and a dialogue for an Avon outing with the intention of revving up your business with new leads!


More Ways To Find New Avon Customers! Sunday, December 23, 2007

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More Ways To Find New AVON Customers 

  1. Take advantage of the advertising of others… call about their ads and offer them your service.
  2. Post flyers in apartments – ask at the rental office first.
  3. Leave AVON brochures at Auto Repair shops and Tire Service centers.
  4. Wear a name badge or a button that says you sell AVON!
  5. Approach those who are Fundraising with your Fundraiser information, they can consider you for their next Fundraiser!  Follow-up with their Organization.
  6. Let your Bank Teller know what your deposit is for and leave them with an Avon brochure.
  7. Barter your services with another Direct Sales Independent Sales Person and refer each other when you can.
  8. Hang flyers on the hooks inside the doors of bathroom stalls, using What’s New bags.
  9. Bring your brochures to your hair salon.
  10. Use car magnets or window lettering to advertise your business!
  11. Let everyone you work with know you sell AVON!
  12. Give yourself a goal to distribute a certain number of business cards and/or brochures each day.
  13. With each transaction you make during the course of the day – give a business card and ask for one in return, where applicable.
  14. Use your card as a bookmark in Library Books… and return them with your card.
  15. Place your brochures in all waiting rooms.
  16. Always keep flyers with you to distribute or hang on bulletin boards.
  17. Cross-promote your business with other businesses.
  18. Always wear the Avon logo to your health and fitness club.
  19. Join a civic or networking group.
  20. Advertise in college newspapers and bulletin boards.

50 Ways To Get New Customers Thursday, December 20, 2007

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Some were asking about this list in the forum… so I dug mine out and posted it here!  Hope it’s helpful!


1. Set a goal to find at least 2 new customers every campaign.

2. Use the “Power of 3” – Make 3 new contacts every day.
3. Comparison shop and be ready to give results to contacts.
4. Increase the number of brochures ordered by 10 every campaign.
5. Leave a brochure at 1 new business every campaign.
6. Start a jewelry club – Especially for those who never buy make-up (then start putting make-up and skin samples with their orders).
7. Wear an Avon logo pin or shirt – It’s free advertisement to those who don’t know you are an Avon representation.
8. Have 1 product each campaign that is the campaign special – Hand out info and samples about it to every contact and offer a discount of 10% or 20% if they purchase it in that campaign.
9. Have a positive attitude – It sells.
10. Show pages from national magazines that feature news about Avon products.
11. Spray your brochures with fragrances.
12. Find helpers in businesses, churches, schools, etc. and reward them for taking orders for you.
13. Remember that “NO SOLICITING” usually does not mean the Avon lady.
14. Leave a basket of demos in a business and pick them up the next day with orders too!!!
15. Pass our lumpy brochures out to businesses.
16. Stress the Avon unconditional guarantee.
17. Remind customers that they can charge their order – They normally buy more that way.
18. Commit to instant delivery on colognes and ask business owners if you can leave a full bottle on their counter. Offer a special price to their customers who would like to purchase the bottle and reward the business owner.
19. Advertise a “NEW CUSTOMER SALE” – Choose 2 or 3 products each campaign and offer a special discount to the “FIRST-TIME” customers.
20. Have an “OLD-TIMERS” special – Offer a special discount, a free product or a free trial size to any regular customer who gets you a new customer.
21. Have a special raffle drawing for any customer who has a minimum $20.00 order.
22. Have a “BUNNY SALE” for Easter – Offer 5% off every product that starts with the letter “B”.
23. Place business cards on every available bulletin board. Leave them on restaurant tables, in public restrooms(tape them on the back of the restroom stall), and tape them to public telephones.
24. Start a video club – After 10 purchases, the 11th video is 50% off.
25. Fill little baskets with samples and leave them in businesses with brochures.
26. Provide a business card holder and cards to any business owner who will allow you to place it in the counter.
27. Offer free gift wrapping for men customers.
28. Offer to keep records of birthdays and anniversaries.
29. Talk to every customer about fund-raising.
30. Leave cologne samples in beauty shops. Offer 1 free product to the owner for each 10 sold.
31. Have a home party!!! Offer an Avon gift certificate to the hostess.
32. Wear different Avon fragrances – when people ask which fragrance you are wearing – offer them a brochure, a business card and a sample.  Get their contact info as well!
33. Attend sales meetings faithfully!!! You will always learn something new to pass on and you can personally see and experience many of the new products.
34. Take Skin-So-Soft samples to any place and organization where workers are subject to bugs.
35. Put a sign in your car window and/or your yard that you sale Avon.
36. Advertise in local papers – Especially clearance sales, special discounts, or introduction of new products.
37. If you want bigger sales, talk to your district manager – She’s been there and done that.
38. Have a garage sale – Set out samples, brochures, and extra products.
39. Give each customer an extra brochure and ask them to give them to family and friends.
40. Give a brochure and sample to every person behind the check-out counter.
41. Put books in day care centers.
42. Send letters to employers and managers of local businesses offering special holiday services.
43. Have an open house of Avon products during holiday seasons and offer free gift wrapping.
44. Offer an “AVON PARTY” at businesses during lunch hours.
45. Always carry a demo basket with you – Your customers will have friends visiting too.
46. Carry a “BARGAIN BASKET” – Purchase inexpensive products from outlet flyers and sell these to people who do not want to place an order. Also a good way to sell used “demos” or unwanted products that may accumulate.
47. Keep extra products on hand for people who may need a gift to give on the spur of the moment. Avon cookbooks make great wedding shower gifts.
48. Know your products!!!! Make brand comparisons and provide copies for your customers
49. Become an e-representative and get new customers on the internet.
50. Become an Avon Beauty Advisor via the free online training!


FOCUS YOUR GOALS – 2008 – FOCUS NOTEBOOK Wednesday, December 12, 2007



This is a new series I am adding to Beauty Wagon… it will be geared toward AVON Representatives but can be used by anyone… especially those in direct sales.  I will be adding pages to this FOCUS NOTEBOOK at least weekly.  This download will serve as a cover which you can print and insert into a binder with a clear sleeve cover, or simply use the binder of your choice and insert this as a title page.  I encourage you to list one goal… one goal for 2008 that you would seriously like to achieve whether it is beginning Avon Leadership, getting finances under control, spending more time with your family, finding time for yourself, a new car, a vacation, more commitment to your business… you get the idea.  Make at least ONE clear goal and list it on the front.  You *could* cut out or draw a picture of that goal and make that the front or back cover of your notebook.  Whichever… make certain you refer back to your goal as often as you can, to keep it in sight.  Make sure to check for printable updates to your notebook!  Get started NOW on your 2008 GOALS – click the picture above to download and print the pdf of page one of the FOCUS NOTEBOOK!


Fragrance – Play With Your Scent and Make It Your Own Tuesday, December 11, 2007





Avon has a collection of Body Spray and Bath items called Floral Prints.  These are very versatile and they can be used in conjunction with your other fragrances to add a little boost of a certain note… or a little complexity.  This was a beauty tip I learned accidentally… and it emerged as an almost everyday thing!  One day I was wearing the Avon fragrance, Today… part of the Today, Tomorrow, and Always trilolgy.  I usually get compliments when I wear this fragrance… but on this particular day I had already packed my demo bottle of Today and I needed a boost.  I reluctantly (or perhaps lazily) grabbed my bottle of Floral Prints Honeysuckle Body Spray… and that put the fragrance over the edge!  The two fragrances blended so harmoniously it was sheer poetry!  I had more compliments than ever that day… one very upper-class-looking woman asked me what I was wearing… wrote it down and proceeded to tell me that she just couldn’t believe how it just *fit* me.  I told her it was Avon, and that I sell Avon products… and she purchased both the Today and Floral Prints Honeysuckle and more.  I am writing about my accidental fragrance tip because I believe this will add a new dimension to your Avon selling… your expertise as an Avon Representative.  Just learn the notes of some of our fragrances and pair them up with some of our Floral Prints.  As I learn more awesome pairings I will share here on… if I get really good at it I will make a chart!  I love fragrance… and if you enjoy playing and experiementing as much as I do, you will LOVE playing with Floral Prints and our Avon Fragrance line too!  So, make Avon Fragrances your own… be your own fragrance designer, you will see (or smell) some amazing results!!  Fragrance is fun!