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My ELF Certification Saturday, December 15, 2007

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Well… not a Christmas ELF – but my Entry Level Fragrance Course Completion Certification… I passed the test and here is my certificate.  I have had the wonderful opportunity to share ideas and information with a wonderfully, inspirational woman named Nancy Booth.  Having met her means a lot to me, because she is just such a kind, successful, intelligent – just a great person with a lot of talent and drive!  She has published books – one of her most popular is called Perfumes, Splashes and Colognes – yes, by Nancy M. Booth.  I was looking to contact this author because I had a few questions for her and here I had found she practically lives in my backyard… or I practically live in her backyard – whichever.  She’s just great and I suggest you check out her books if you have interest is crafting – especially in the levels of fragrance.  She has amazing knowledge of the fragrance industry… her family has been in it for over 116 years now – amazing.  Her website is  Anyway… back to my ELF certification… I am planning to continue my education in fragrance.  It is a major interest of mine.  Here is my certificate from the Fragrance Foundation… proudly displaying:






Cosmetic Safety: New Year – New Cosmetics! Saturday, December 1, 2007


This isn’t about the new Red Hot collection Avon has unveiled… this is about COSMETIC SAFETY!

Information everyone should know… and for those of us who sell cosmetics this is information turned marketing piece!  Now is a great time to share this!  I found this information and just designed the template based my findings.  It is great information to share with your customers any time of year.  This is all about cosmetic safety.  It helps you and you customers determine when it’s best to ditch that mascara, eyeliner, perfume, foundation, etc.  Download it here! 

Cosmetics Safety Sheet