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presented by Phyllis Concordia – Avon Independent Sales Representative, Make-Up Artist and Licensed Cosmetologist

Bath Time! Review! Avon Strawberry Meringue Bubble Bath Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Okay… so you’re an Avon Representative (or maybe you are reading this and you are not an Avon Representative)… and you know we’ve got BUBBLE BATH!!  Most of our bubble bath, our basic Avon Bubble Bath… is just a variety of scents that are fun and make our bath bubbly!  And of course Strawberry Meringue goes with that… a nice basic way to create a lot of deliciously-scented bubbles.  But I have to say Strawberry Meringue is exceptionally fun and seasonally appropriate!  I took about an hour today and relaxed in a tub of Strawberry Meringue Bubble Bath and it was heavanly.  Being me… I couldn’t stop at the basic bubble bath… I have a container of powdered milk in my kitchen that I can’t used fast enough and I thought… Strawberries and Cream… so I added about a half cup of  powdered milk to my bath as it was brimming with bubble water and it was again… heavenly!  Let your customers know that basic Avon Bubble Bath isn’t limited to fun for kids!  It can be fun, relaxing and just as good for your skin as our specialty bath products.  Imagine a Strawberry Meringue Bubble Bath for two!  Just add candles and strawberries and wine or champagne and maybe even some whipped cream.  Or to treat yourself… add a half cup of powdered milk or powdered buttermilk to any Avon Bubble Bath and let your skin reap the benefits of a milky bath, while your senses reap the benefits of few moments of pampering.  I give the Avon Strawberry Meringue Bubble Bath a big YES… BUY THIS… not for being new or innovatative… but for being fun and fresh!  Love it!  Let your cutomers know how they can create a bubble skin treat with this!


Avon Look Alert Eye Brightener – Review! Friday, January 4, 2008


I love this stuff… it’s new and it’s awesome.  I have used other brands and am so happy I can now add this Avon product to my collection of cosmetics that I love!  I like the Illuminating Pearl… it comes in Light, Medium, and Deep tones, as well.  It’s cinchy to apply… you simply apply it in the area of your inner part of your eye sort of like a sideways V… and you don’t really need to blend, you basically just pat the area with your fingertip to soften the edge.  It’s that simple and very effective.  You can also take the application a step further and apply it where you miay normally apply concealer.  I was trying this over the last few days as I had been fending off a slight cold and was waking up with some puffy eyes during that time.  I simply put this in the unpuffy portion under the aforementioned puffiness and this helped me to look more well-rested.  So… I give this stuff a thumbs up.  I plan of purchasing the Light to give it a try sometime, but the Illuminating Pearl is working well for me.  Yay Avon!


Review: Coochy Shaving Lotion Monday, December 17, 2007


Well… I hope the name isn’t offensive because the product is fabulous!  It can be used as a shaving lotion or even as a hair conditioner… and it really is a pleasure to use.  It makes shaving sensitive areas so much more bearable and it really leaves your skin soft and moisturized.  My skin is sensitive and if it works for me… I think it will be great for most people!  Some people in my Avon-realm, my family, friends, etc… know about my affiliation with Pajama PartiesPajama Parties is a Direct Sales company who sells “Romantic Enhancers”… and the bath and body products that go along with all that.  They sell Coochy Shaving Lotion in this awesome pump dispenser, perfect for the shower.  I have included a picture, of course.  I am writing this right after showering – and I wanted to let everyone know how great this product is.  If you want to purchase this… go directly to the Pajama Parties website at and ask about an Advisor in your area… or purchase direct from the site!  Or… contact me at and I will hook you up with some nice specials.  Of course, if you are looking for extra income and would like to become a Pajama Parties Advisor… well… contact me at, as well!  Anyway… back to Coochy Shaving Lotion!  It’s excellent!  I highly recommed it for anyone who shaves anything on their body at all!  It’s even great for men – for facial use.  You’ll love this product!


Avon Advance Techniques Winter Restore Thursday, November 22, 2007

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Avon Advance Techniques Winter Restore Replenishing Shampoo, Conditioner, and Moisturizing Anti-Static Spray are formulated with a blend of intensive conditioners and creatine to strengthen, insulate and protect against winter’s harsh temperatures & dryness.  These products offer freedom from fly-aways, tangles & static.  Use Avon Advance Techniques Shampoo and Conditioner to revive dry winter hair and while hair is damp apply Avon Advance Techniques Moisturizing Anti-Static Spray to detangle and revitalize! 


ANEW Alternative Clearly C 10% Vitamin C Serum Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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ANEW Alternative Clearly C 10% Vitamin C Serum — I use this prior to moisturizing in the evening and I use it prior to applying AVON Personal Match Smooth Mineral make-up as well – as a primer. I have to say my skin is very even textured with this product. I have heard many people here in the forum say that with oily skin this product doesn’t work well. My skin is normal-dry (with only some periods of oiliness) and it works great for me. I recommend it to a variety of my customers who use Mineral make-up and they like it for that purpose as well. The product contains alcohol and it may tingle a bit when you first apply. The instructions for this product (according to the packaging) are as follows: “In the p.m., smooth gently over skin in an upward and outward motion, avoiding eye area.” Also, according to the packaging, it claims to instantly increase moisture by 300%. In two weeks skin’s clarity and tone are visibly improved. Also the packaging states: “Improves skin’s clarity and fights the signs of aging. Makes skin more resilient to environmental aggressors.”

Basically Vitamin C Serums and other such Products are intended to:

Protect with the antioxidant strength of vitamin C of at least 10%
Fight free radical attack – neutralize free radicals
Prevent future signs of aging
Renew elasticity and firmness
Stimulates collagen synthesis
Diminish the appearance of aging skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles