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AVON – Gift Certificate Example Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This is one gift certificate I have created… I have others I will upload another time, so keep watching for more ideas!


You can do these yourself of course, but if you should need assistance I will be happy to create personalized materials for you – payment via PayPal – personalized gift certificates would be at a cost of 50 cents to you, in PDF format.  Contact me for more details at




A goal should fit into the format described below:

Specific – Your goal must be specific.
Measurable – You must be able to measure progress towards your goal.
Attainable – Your goal must be something that you can actually attain.
Realistic – Your goal must be realistic, given who you are.
Tangible – Your goal must be something you can experience yourself.


Let’s work with an example.  Let’s take the goal of exotic travel.  Follow the descriptions below, then think about how your own goal would fit the requirements.

Specific: You’d like to see the world.  Well, the world is a pretty big place, how about we narrow it down to Europe?  That’s still pretty broad.  Let’s pick Greece as a specific country, and the Greek islands as a more specific location.  Now you have something you can actually picture in your mind!  Furthermore, think about who you’d like to travel there with. How long will you stay?  Will you stay in hotels or in hostels?  See, as you work through it, the picture you have in your mind gets more detailed.  Is your own goal specific?

Measurable: There are two things to track for the trip.  The first is the money required, assuming you need to save to pay for it.  The second is the planning.  It’s easier to track the money if you pick an amount you think it will cost.  You can get some estimates from a travel guide or a travel agent, depending on how much time and effort you want to invest.  Tracking your savings towards a desired amount is a good way to measure your progress. The second aspect, planning, is a bit trickier.  You might estimate how far you are based on the total planning effort, then set milestones to help you get to the end.  For example, getting your vacation time approved at work, purchasing the flight tickets, booking a hotel, and packing your bags are all milestones on the way to preparing for the journey. Is your own goal measurable?

Attainable:           This is the tough one for many people.  It requires that you take an honest look at yourself and your abilities.  By determining what it is that you actually want, you start telling your mind to find ways to get you there.  Things that seemed impossible suddenly don’t seem so far away!  But you need to be careful, as you don’t want to set a goal that’s too tough, as you might get discouraged before you get there.  Goal setting is a skill that you can learn and improve at.  Start by setting smaller goals and pay attention to your own behaviors.  As you build your skills and experience, set larger goals for yourself. An adventure trip to Greece is something many people dream about, but few believe it can actually come true in the near future.  Yet for many people, such a trip is within reach if they just set their minds to achieving it. Is your own goal something you are capable of attaining?

Realistic: Are you willing to work towards your goal?  Are you able to put the time and commitment into the pursuit of the goal?  This is important.  Every goal represents a decision you take towards the direction of your life.  With every decision there are advantages and disadvantages.  You must be willing to accept the costs of your decisions and recognize that it will impact other areas of your life. A trip to Greece might mean putting off that flashy new car you want, and driving the old heap another year.  If you are willing to trade driving an older car (and maybe making repairs yourself) in exchange for that overseas adventure, you’ve dealt with some of the aspects of the decision and its impact on your life. What are the costs of working towards your goal?

Tangible: Think about how it will feel when you achieve your goal.  Lying on the beach in Greece.  Drinking a Greek beer at an outdoor cafe, eating Feta cheese and olives picked locally.  Sitting on a white veranda, looking out over crystal blue waters towards the horizon.  These are the things that excite you, that stimulate you to reach the goals.  These are things that bring your mind and your motivation to bear on the goal.  Involve your senses! Can you visualize how it will be when you reach your goal?

So, as you set goals, define them, and work towards them, keep the word SMART in mind.  (Also, remember the word FOCUS!)  Take one step at a time, and keep track of your progress.  You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve!


FOCUS NOTEBOOK – Setting-Up – Part One Sunday, December 16, 2007

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Creating Your Focus Notebook 

FOCUS is the acronym for Follow One Course Until Successful!   In regards to AVON we basically earn money by seeing people and talking people – networking.  However, in order to see the people and talk to the people you must have a system for keeping track of all of your leads and a solid follow-through system. Realizing that most reps work Avon in addition to a full-time job, Reps require an efficient system to function as a traveling office.   Additionally, you will want to set up your “Brain Book” and “To-Go File” as will be indicated in later instructions. These items will help you work more efficiently creating a system for booking, selling, recruiting and tracking your activity is effective. Use a one-inch binder (or larger depending on your needs) with a plastic sleeve on the outside cover (you can insert cover pages in these).  Purchase a few sheet protectors for a few reference pages that we will be adding to our FOCUS NOTEBOOK – very reasonable prices at dollar stores or office supply stores.  Also, purchase some dividers for your FOCUS NOTEBOOK.  We will need about ten dividers… a few more or less according to your individual needs. 

Front Cover: You can use the FOCUS NOTEBOOK COVER here on Beauty Wagon as your cover or as your title sheet (placed in a sheet protector).  Place pictures symbolizing your yearly, quarterly, and monthly goal.  Include the picture of your Goal (a New Car; A Family Trip; a new Deck) Remember that our brains function more effectively when only having a couple of things to FOCUS on so keep this simple, but include things like you sitting in the new car with a date on it, a picture of your family pasted over a brochure of the front of the Disneyworld Hotel with the date that your family will take the vacation. You might add words like such as “it feels so good to know that because of my consistent efforts my family is enjoying this dream vacation to Disney World for one week in 2008”.  This is an example; of course… use any goal you set. 

First Pages:  Your first pages should consist of the FOCUS NOTEBOOK title sheet (if you haven’t already used it as your front cover) and a yearly calendar – the type with an entire year on one sheet – this will be used for reference.  Highlight any important dates such as order deadlines, submissions, etc and then place in a sheet protector.  This is a great quick-reference tool.  Next pages might include (also in sheet protectors) your RPS sheet and a sales tax reference.  Don’t forget you may want to include a sheet for emergency numbers as well… just in case… it’s always best to be prepared!

You should have already read and printed the Focus Notebook Cover Sheet or Title Page available here on Beauty Wagon.  This is all for now… there will be more on preparing your FOCUS NOTEBOOK coming soon!


FOCUS YOUR GOALS – 2008 – FOCUS NOTEBOOK Wednesday, December 12, 2007



This is a new series I am adding to Beauty Wagon… it will be geared toward AVON Representatives but can be used by anyone… especially those in direct sales.  I will be adding pages to this FOCUS NOTEBOOK at least weekly.  This download will serve as a cover which you can print and insert into a binder with a clear sleeve cover, or simply use the binder of your choice and insert this as a title page.  I encourage you to list one goal… one goal for 2008 that you would seriously like to achieve whether it is beginning Avon Leadership, getting finances under control, spending more time with your family, finding time for yourself, a new car, a vacation, more commitment to your business… you get the idea.  Make at least ONE clear goal and list it on the front.  You *could* cut out or draw a picture of that goal and make that the front or back cover of your notebook.  Whichever… make certain you refer back to your goal as often as you can, to keep it in sight.  Make sure to check for printable updates to your notebook!  Get started NOW on your 2008 GOALS – click the picture above to download and print the pdf of page one of the FOCUS NOTEBOOK!