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Avon – Letter of Introduction for Distributing your Brochures Tuesday, January 15, 2008


A few have written to me about ideas for letters of introduction or a canvassing letter – something to include with your brochure that tells the potential customer a little about your services.  In my introduction letter I choose to focus on my eRep site, but depending on your area you may opt to focus on a different service – such a free beauty consultation, free samples, or a make-over.  You can download this letter below – I hope it is helpful!

AVON – Letter Of Introduction


Thursday, January 10, 2008

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Bath Time! Review! Avon Strawberry Meringue Bubble Bath Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Okay… so you’re an Avon Representative (or maybe you are reading this and you are not an Avon Representative)… and you know we’ve got BUBBLE BATH!!  Most of our bubble bath, our basic Avon Bubble Bath… is just a variety of scents that are fun and make our bath bubbly!  And of course Strawberry Meringue goes with that… a nice basic way to create a lot of deliciously-scented bubbles.  But I have to say Strawberry Meringue is exceptionally fun and seasonally appropriate!  I took about an hour today and relaxed in a tub of Strawberry Meringue Bubble Bath and it was heavanly.  Being me… I couldn’t stop at the basic bubble bath… I have a container of powdered milk in my kitchen that I can’t used fast enough and I thought… Strawberries and Cream… so I added about a half cup of  powdered milk to my bath as it was brimming with bubble water and it was again… heavenly!  Let your customers know that basic Avon Bubble Bath isn’t limited to fun for kids!  It can be fun, relaxing and just as good for your skin as our specialty bath products.  Imagine a Strawberry Meringue Bubble Bath for two!  Just add candles and strawberries and wine or champagne and maybe even some whipped cream.  Or to treat yourself… add a half cup of powdered milk or powdered buttermilk to any Avon Bubble Bath and let your skin reap the benefits of a milky bath, while your senses reap the benefits of few moments of pampering.  I give the Avon Strawberry Meringue Bubble Bath a big YES… BUY THIS… not for being new or innovatative… but for being fun and fresh!  Love it!  Let your cutomers know how they can create a bubble skin treat with this!


Self-Promotion – And It’s FREE! Monday, January 7, 2008

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Don’t forget that you that we have to talk about our business every where, every day and basically all the time!

Do you self-promote?

Many Leaders say that often someone will call and say I have no sales!  Of course you ask them, “Well what have you been doing?” And the answer 9 times out of 10 is “Well, I talked to my mom and her friends and I have gotten nothing.”

“What else have you done to promote yourself?”

“Well, I pass out books but nothing happens!”

Here is a problem… I pass out books and nothing happens.

Ok, do you get the persons phone number and call them and ASK them for an order? Do you call them and just leave a reminder, “Hey my order is going in this weekend in case you need something!” Do you order extra books and pass them out like water? Do you make flyers and mail them out to everyone you know? Do you TREAT your business like a business?

Honestly, most of the time the answer is no. The most self defeating thing in our business is our self!!

I will say it again.

The most self defeating thing in our business is our self!

Why?  Because we are afraid to promote OURSELVES!

I have seen ladies hang their head and mumble while trying to push a book into someone’s hands. Would I order from someone like that?

Probably NOT!

I have seen Avon Reps cringe at the thought of talking to a stranger.

Be proud of your business! If you truly love your business, why are you ashamed to talk about it and shout it to anyone who will listen???

Stand up and say “I sell AVON and I LOVE my job!” Wear pins, carry books and business cards with you everywhere! Put stickers on your car; signs on your lawn; notices or biz cards in your mail; talk to the other moms; network locally; tell the world! You do not have a neon sign above your head that says you sell AVON, no you don’t have to be pushy or tacky about it.  But if you don’t promote it, who will?

Take a hard look at your business and how you act with it and see what you can do to improve yourself and your attitude about it.

Everyday, work on improving your business visibility in your community and with other people, your potential customers. And remember, customer service and consistency is key!  Then, watch your sales rise!


FOCUS NOTEBOOK – Setting Up – Part Two!


This being the second part of setting up your FOCUS NOTEBOOK… in the first part we basically set-up the front cover and the first few pages – resource pages that you will refer to often. 

Back Cover:  You back cover – the clear space to hold a sheet might be a good place for your current weekly or monthly schedule.  Something that’s already completed so you will not have to slide in this and out constantly.  Just something you can look at in a moment and see what you need to do for the upcoming hours, days, weeks.  Your Weekly Plan Sheet here.  Other options for this space… well… anything that looks professional and that you will use often, or may I suggest something decorative and inspiring!?

Inside Pocket – Place the a couple of the most recent brochures, a couple of sales slips, business cards, and thank you postcards and profile cards.  Having brochures and business cards every where is a good idea.  Yes, keep them everywhere… everywhere!  You should NEVER be in a position where you have to say… “I do not have a __________ (brochure, business card, etc) with me!”  You should always have a brochure or business card with you.  :-)  If you run out of brochures for a campaign use an older brochure.

Back inside Pocket – Maybe a current magazine can go here… something you can show customers that highlights an Avon product review or recommendation.  Keep a look out in the Representative Times and eNews for mention of products being featured in publication.

Divider #1 – Monthly Goals – On or before the first day of the month EVERY month you should set a goal for the month. Complete the Monthly Goal Sheet with a Retail and Team Building Goal. In the margin break it down to a weekly numbers offices and businesses to present your business to, individual customers to provide a brochure to, classes, booking and interviews. You will create your ‘Five Most Important Things to do list based on this goal. Divider #2- Prospective Hostesses – Use a different prospective booking sheet for each week.  Use this system to track all of your leads. Record their name, address and phone and keep track of the status. When you book them complete a profile card while on the phone and then record the date on the profile, on the tracking sheet and in your appointment book. Keep your profiles in the front sleeve cover in the order of the dates of the classes for easy coaching. As you coach their guests add their profile cards. Keep track of notes for your prospects. If she says to call back in two weeks then write that and also flip in your date book and make a note. Use abbreviations like NA – Not Available, LM – VM – Left Message on voice mail, LMP – Left Message with Person (I always indicate wether I left the message with a male or female), and CB– Call Back.  Remember that booking is the lifeline of your business. Write the thank-you or confirmation postcards as soon as you book them. This section WILL be key.  Always work the most current leads first. If you are on the slow pace in Avon you should effortlessly generate 10 new leads, to track Fast Track generate 25 leads and Career pace over 40+ leads including referrals from classes, conversational booking, etc.Divider #3- Prospective Recruits -If you work smart not hard your recruit prospects will come from section 2.  Use the Tracking Form to record name, address, day and night phone, and status.  Make notes including marital status, occupation, approx age, children, purchases, likes, and dislikes and other descriptive info that will be helpful to know when interviewing. Also record what info you gave to and the date that you are following up with her, bringing her to an event, etc. Remember that a recruit is only HOT for 24-48 hours.  Get her to do something or meet with her to share the opportunity. Divider #4- Sales – Keep a copy of last week’s Weekly Accomplishment Sheet here.  Keep blank copies. Record your sales, booking and calling activity daily on your weekly accomplishment sheet. Transfer your Year-To-Date Totals to the new sheet.  This is to be filed in your income file for taxes. Be sure that it is filled out completely. Paste to the front cover of this divider a post-it note. Write your weekly sales goal down and every time your sale subtract to see how far you have to go. Write your bookings goal down and subtract also. Keep a blank copy of the current order form and the Section 2 order form. Divider #5- Tracking – Keep track of ALL promotions and prizes using this section. This section should include things like: Fast Start first, any promotions or incentives your Upline and District may have going on, Sales and Recruiting Tracking Sheets, etc. When ever you go for a goal you are given a sheet to track yourself for that goal or break it down on a piece of paper and track it.Divider #6 – Events – Keep the most recent copy of the monthly calendar, Rep Times, Newsletter, etc. Immediately transfer all pertinent dates onto your date book. If money is due write that date down. If you have to bring something write that down on a date before so you can prepare. Divider #7 – Customers – File your Preferred Customer Program Print out here. Every time you get a customer that you would like to add to the list record her name address and phone on a blank sheet of paper. Put several on a page. Take the little bit of extra time to do this with each person because it will save you time in the long run. Divider #8 – Team Members – Keep your most recent copy of your team report and team member information here. File last months copy in your income file.  Make sure you have the courtesy to respect your Team Member’s privacy by keeping their personal information secure.  Divider #9 – Addresses – Get some address pages and business card page protectors and keep important business cards and phone numbers here. Take the copy of the company phone numbers and file it here. Another Divider?  Some reps use plastic business card sheets or baseball card collector sheets to keep samples.  You may want to consider this if you find that you are having a hard time managing your samples and having them ready when you need them.Other Helpful systems: Spiral Notebook – Keep a spiral notebook to record your six most important list, call list, and notes from conversations and trainings. Change it every month.   Always have a notebook or notepad with you.  You should be getting phone numbers or e-mail addresses of people who are interested in Avon.  Let them know you will be including them in your communication of great specials and events – most people will be like being included!  You can also let them know you will be calling or e-mailing them when orders are due in so they don’t miss out on special pricing or availability of something they see!Car File – Keep a file in your car that will hold things like brochures, profiles, agreements, recruiting and coaching packets, cards and all other paper work that you want to be sure not to run out of when at an appointment.  Using a system and tailoring it to your own needs is a sure way to building a great business!!


Avon Look Alert Eye Brightener – Review! Friday, January 4, 2008


I love this stuff… it’s new and it’s awesome.  I have used other brands and am so happy I can now add this Avon product to my collection of cosmetics that I love!  I like the Illuminating Pearl… it comes in Light, Medium, and Deep tones, as well.  It’s cinchy to apply… you simply apply it in the area of your inner part of your eye sort of like a sideways V… and you don’t really need to blend, you basically just pat the area with your fingertip to soften the edge.  It’s that simple and very effective.  You can also take the application a step further and apply it where you miay normally apply concealer.  I was trying this over the last few days as I had been fending off a slight cold and was waking up with some puffy eyes during that time.  I simply put this in the unpuffy portion under the aforementioned puffiness and this helped me to look more well-rested.  So… I give this stuff a thumbs up.  I plan of purchasing the Light to give it a try sometime, but the Illuminating Pearl is working well for me.  Yay Avon!


Beauty Bonus Club Cards! Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bonus Beauty Club

Beauty Bonus Club Card – Front                     Beauty Bonus Club Card – Back

You can print these on cardstock or perforated business card stock.  Choose which gift your customers will receive!  On the front, place your customers name – I do mine in calligraphy – and add your contact information on the back.  I will customize these for you for $1 via PayPal.  The $1 will go towards maintaining Beauty Wagon!  Or, you can print these out just as they are and customize yourself!  Enjoy!