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SMART Goals – FOCUS NOTEBOOK Tuesday, December 18, 2007


A goal should fit into the format described below:

Specific – Your goal must be specific.
Measurable – You must be able to measure progress towards your goal.
Attainable – Your goal must be something that you can actually attain.
Realistic – Your goal must be realistic, given who you are.
Tangible – Your goal must be something you can experience yourself.


Let’s work with an example.  Let’s take the goal of exotic travel.  Follow the descriptions below, then think about how your own goal would fit the requirements.

Specific: You’d like to see the world.  Well, the world is a pretty big place, how about we narrow it down to Europe?  That’s still pretty broad.  Let’s pick Greece as a specific country, and the Greek islands as a more specific location.  Now you have something you can actually picture in your mind!  Furthermore, think about who you’d like to travel there with. How long will you stay?  Will you stay in hotels or in hostels?  See, as you work through it, the picture you have in your mind gets more detailed.  Is your own goal specific?

Measurable: There are two things to track for the trip.  The first is the money required, assuming you need to save to pay for it.  The second is the planning.  It’s easier to track the money if you pick an amount you think it will cost.  You can get some estimates from a travel guide or a travel agent, depending on how much time and effort you want to invest.  Tracking your savings towards a desired amount is a good way to measure your progress. The second aspect, planning, is a bit trickier.  You might estimate how far you are based on the total planning effort, then set milestones to help you get to the end.  For example, getting your vacation time approved at work, purchasing the flight tickets, booking a hotel, and packing your bags are all milestones on the way to preparing for the journey. Is your own goal measurable?

Attainable:           This is the tough one for many people.  It requires that you take an honest look at yourself and your abilities.  By determining what it is that you actually want, you start telling your mind to find ways to get you there.  Things that seemed impossible suddenly don’t seem so far away!  But you need to be careful, as you don’t want to set a goal that’s too tough, as you might get discouraged before you get there.  Goal setting is a skill that you can learn and improve at.  Start by setting smaller goals and pay attention to your own behaviors.  As you build your skills and experience, set larger goals for yourself. An adventure trip to Greece is something many people dream about, but few believe it can actually come true in the near future.  Yet for many people, such a trip is within reach if they just set their minds to achieving it. Is your own goal something you are capable of attaining?

Realistic: Are you willing to work towards your goal?  Are you able to put the time and commitment into the pursuit of the goal?  This is important.  Every goal represents a decision you take towards the direction of your life.  With every decision there are advantages and disadvantages.  You must be willing to accept the costs of your decisions and recognize that it will impact other areas of your life. A trip to Greece might mean putting off that flashy new car you want, and driving the old heap another year.  If you are willing to trade driving an older car (and maybe making repairs yourself) in exchange for that overseas adventure, you’ve dealt with some of the aspects of the decision and its impact on your life. What are the costs of working towards your goal?

Tangible: Think about how it will feel when you achieve your goal.  Lying on the beach in Greece.  Drinking a Greek beer at an outdoor cafe, eating Feta cheese and olives picked locally.  Sitting on a white veranda, looking out over crystal blue waters towards the horizon.  These are the things that excite you, that stimulate you to reach the goals.  These are things that bring your mind and your motivation to bear on the goal.  Involve your senses! Can you visualize how it will be when you reach your goal?

So, as you set goals, define them, and work towards them, keep the word SMART in mind.  (Also, remember the word FOCUS!)  Take one step at a time, and keep track of your progress.  You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve!


Review: Coochy Shaving Lotion Monday, December 17, 2007


Well… I hope the name isn’t offensive because the product is fabulous!  It can be used as a shaving lotion or even as a hair conditioner… and it really is a pleasure to use.  It makes shaving sensitive areas so much more bearable and it really leaves your skin soft and moisturized.  My skin is sensitive and if it works for me… I think it will be great for most people!  Some people in my Avon-realm, my family, friends, etc… know about my affiliation with Pajama PartiesPajama Parties is a Direct Sales company who sells “Romantic Enhancers”… and the bath and body products that go along with all that.  They sell Coochy Shaving Lotion in this awesome pump dispenser, perfect for the shower.  I have included a picture, of course.  I am writing this right after showering – and I wanted to let everyone know how great this product is.  If you want to purchase this… go directly to the Pajama Parties website at and ask about an Advisor in your area… or purchase direct from the site!  Or… contact me at and I will hook you up with some nice specials.  Of course, if you are looking for extra income and would like to become a Pajama Parties Advisor… well… contact me at, as well!  Anyway… back to Coochy Shaving Lotion!  It’s excellent!  I highly recommed it for anyone who shaves anything on their body at all!  It’s even great for men – for facial use.  You’ll love this product!


FOCUS YOUR GOALS – 2008 – FOCUS NOTEBOOK Wednesday, December 12, 2007



This is a new series I am adding to Beauty Wagon… it will be geared toward AVON Representatives but can be used by anyone… especially those in direct sales.  I will be adding pages to this FOCUS NOTEBOOK at least weekly.  This download will serve as a cover which you can print and insert into a binder with a clear sleeve cover, or simply use the binder of your choice and insert this as a title page.  I encourage you to list one goal… one goal for 2008 that you would seriously like to achieve whether it is beginning Avon Leadership, getting finances under control, spending more time with your family, finding time for yourself, a new car, a vacation, more commitment to your business… you get the idea.  Make at least ONE clear goal and list it on the front.  You *could* cut out or draw a picture of that goal and make that the front or back cover of your notebook.  Whichever… make certain you refer back to your goal as often as you can, to keep it in sight.  Make sure to check for printable updates to your notebook!  Get started NOW on your 2008 GOALS – click the picture above to download and print the pdf of page one of the FOCUS NOTEBOOK!


Fragrance – Play With Your Scent and Make It Your Own Tuesday, December 11, 2007





Avon has a collection of Body Spray and Bath items called Floral Prints.  These are very versatile and they can be used in conjunction with your other fragrances to add a little boost of a certain note… or a little complexity.  This was a beauty tip I learned accidentally… and it emerged as an almost everyday thing!  One day I was wearing the Avon fragrance, Today… part of the Today, Tomorrow, and Always trilolgy.  I usually get compliments when I wear this fragrance… but on this particular day I had already packed my demo bottle of Today and I needed a boost.  I reluctantly (or perhaps lazily) grabbed my bottle of Floral Prints Honeysuckle Body Spray… and that put the fragrance over the edge!  The two fragrances blended so harmoniously it was sheer poetry!  I had more compliments than ever that day… one very upper-class-looking woman asked me what I was wearing… wrote it down and proceeded to tell me that she just couldn’t believe how it just *fit* me.  I told her it was Avon, and that I sell Avon products… and she purchased both the Today and Floral Prints Honeysuckle and more.  I am writing about my accidental fragrance tip because I believe this will add a new dimension to your Avon selling… your expertise as an Avon Representative.  Just learn the notes of some of our fragrances and pair them up with some of our Floral Prints.  As I learn more awesome pairings I will share here on… if I get really good at it I will make a chart!  I love fragrance… and if you enjoy playing and experiementing as much as I do, you will LOVE playing with Floral Prints and our Avon Fragrance line too!  So, make Avon Fragrances your own… be your own fragrance designer, you will see (or smell) some amazing results!!  Fragrance is fun!


Avon Reps – Product Bundles Friday, November 30, 2007


Avon makes product bundles available to Representatives at deep discounts for a specified variety of products.  Right now we have available – the Winter Survival Bundle.  Regardless of how long you have been selling Avon there is bound to be something you have not tried and bundles are a great way to give these products a try.  The pros of purchasing product bundles?  You get a variety of products at a low cost.  The Winter Survival Bundle, for example, is 7 full-size products for just $12.00 – that’s around $1.71 per product.  It’s mindless shopping that will surely pay off in some way!  You can use some products for yourself… sell the rest, you can bundle the products into a gift basket for a ready-to-give gift.  You can raffle the items as a gift basket.  You could use then individually as thank-you gifts for larger orders – or for Holiday or *any* time customer appreciation.  I also hear Avon Reps asking all the time,”I am having an Open House/Beauty Bash, etc… What items should I have cash and carry?”  These are the perfect types of items – impressive and full-size – that make for stocking up on cash and carry items for your sales events.  There is one “con” to buying these bundles.  You will not get full award sales on these items.  This may are may not be important to you.  If you are shooting for President’s Club or above and are struggling to make your goal bundles may not be something you want to take advantage of.  So, again… Product Bundles can be an excellent deal for trying out products yourself, or for selling to your customers!  Some Representatives want to know why Avon doesn’t offer a sales kit as many direct sales companies do.  Avon doesn’t offer a sales kit  because they want to make it easy and affordable to have your own business – no expensive kits to purchase, no required stock, no quota requirements.  It’s great!  But, if you feel the need to have a sales kit – create one yourself – by taking advantage of product bundles!  Add a bundle when you can!  Avon Representatives and Leadership Representatives pass this on – if you are reading this and are not an Avon Representative please feel free to contact me via my website if you would like more information about becoming an Avon Representative.


Avon Reps – Beauty Bash Flyer and Letter Thursday, November 29, 2007

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Want to increase your sales and your cutomer base?  Ask customers to host a Beauty Bash!  It may inspire more than sales – it is a great way to introduce the Avon opportunity!  Download the Beauty Bash flyer and letter – edit it to your needs, then add your own information. ——–> Avon Beauty Bash Brochure –Avon Beauty Bash Letter


200 Party Games For Direct Sales Parties! Tuesday, November 27, 2007

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Download it here: 200 Party Games These are for all Party Plans.