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presented by Phyllis Concordia – Avon Independent Sales Representative, Make-Up Artist and Licensed Cosmetologist

Avon Look Alert Eye Brightener – Review! Friday, January 4, 2008


I love this stuff… it’s new and it’s awesome.  I have used other brands and am so happy I can now add this Avon product to my collection of cosmetics that I love!  I like the Illuminating Pearl… it comes in Light, Medium, and Deep tones, as well.  It’s cinchy to apply… you simply apply it in the area of your inner part of your eye sort of like a sideways V… and you don’t really need to blend, you basically just pat the area with your fingertip to soften the edge.  It’s that simple and very effective.  You can also take the application a step further and apply it where you miay normally apply concealer.  I was trying this over the last few days as I had been fending off a slight cold and was waking up with some puffy eyes during that time.  I simply put this in the unpuffy portion under the aforementioned puffiness and this helped me to look more well-rested.  So… I give this stuff a thumbs up.  I plan of purchasing the Light to give it a try sometime, but the Illuminating Pearl is working well for me.  Yay Avon!